Eddie Colla - The longest winter

Eddie Colla - The longest winter

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Artist : Eddie Colla
Title : The longest winter
Medium & Materials : Archival Giclee print
Hand signed & Numbered by the artist

Size : 60x45cm  - Limited Edition 10 (Hand embellished) 

Parcel shipped within 24 hours (except on weekends and public holidays)



“The Longest Winter” I created this piece for the exhibition “Nothing Lasts Forever” at 1am Gallery in August of 2015. The phrase, nothing lasts forever referred literally to the work I had spent the prior year putting up illegally in my travels. More importantly it referred to a my life being in a state of flux. I use text in these pieces to both recount and erase. The process of making these pieces is the process of remembering and cataloging my state of mind over a period of time. The remaining text is not a clear legible narrative, but rather a intersecting cacophony of experiences. To me the clarity of specificity of those experiences is secondary to the collective stain they leave. The mark of things that once were and no longer are. The longest winter refers to this period. It was dense and almost impossible to recollect, moving past me at a speed where I was often not there. Either looking ahead or looking back, I missed much of it. Like sleeping on a train and waking with no memory of the journey, only the realization that you have arrived somewhere very different then where you started. In the end it is usually one person, one chance experience that is the fulcrum. This was mine. Eddie